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    The motorhome that you deserve

    Alko body with extended chassis to take cargo, and a suspended floor for services and storage (with cross-access), Florum 100% polyester freezeproof body (including bumpers and rocker panels), polyester monobloc rear end, and body with thermal and water barrier coating for utmost integrity. Choose Wincester 74 LMS to choose the best in French expertise.

    * With driver, 90% clean water, 90% gas, 90% diesel and tooling. Drinking-water drain tap to limit it to 20L for driving.
    ** Maximum number of passengers places in light vehicle version, variable depending on configuration. Please contact your nearest dealer for details.

    • There are no features available



    GAMME: Wincester
    IMPLANTATION: Lit central
    LENGTH: 7m46
    WIDTH: 2m30
    HEIGHT: 2m85
    ENGINE: Fiat 2,3 Multijet 130 ch
    PTAC: 3500 kg
    EMPTY WEIGHT*: 3188 kg
    COMPARTMENT DOOR: H95 x L79 + H70 x L87
    MODèLE: Wincester 74 LMS
    CARROSSERIE: Intégral

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