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  • WINCESTER 70 LJG – Twin beds garage storage area

    * With driver, 90% clean water, 90% gas, 90% diesel and tooling. Drinking-water drain tap to limit it to 20L for driving.
    ** Maximum number of passengers places in light vehicle version, variable depending on configuration. Please contact your nearest dealer for details.


    • There are no features available



    GAMME: Wincester
    IMPLANTATION: Lits jumeaux
    LENGTH: 7m07
    WIDTH: 2m30
    HEIGHT: 2m85
    ENGINE: Fiat 130 ch Multijet
    PTAC: 3500 kg
    EMPTY WEIGHT*: 3068 kg
    COMPARTMENT DOOR: H70 x L87 + H114 x L79
    MODèLE: Wincester 70 LJG
    CARROSSERIE: Intégral

    4__asterisque_papiersPICTOS-GB-4-couchage-Florium PICTOS-GB-5-repas-Florium

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